Cllr Mundry takes up civic reins

Warrington’s new Mayor is pledging to make children her priority this year.

Mum of three and grandmother to nine, Cllr Karen Mundry will take up her position tonight, Monday. She is the 10th woman to be Mayor of Warrington on the centenary of the women’s vote.

Cllr Mundry said: “It is a great honour to be Mayor and first citizen of the town I love and was born in.

“I am looking forward to meeting many people from across our fantastic communities over the next twelve months.

“A particular priority for me this year is to continue to support the development of children. Our young people are so important to the future success of the borough and it’s vital we give them every opportunity to succeed, to be healthy and happy.”

Representing Latchford East, Cllr Mundry first joined the council in 2002 and has served on a number of council committees as well as being the first woman to represent Warrington on the Cheshire Fire Authority.

She previously served as a manager of children’s nurseries in Latchford and is still a senior nursery practitioner working at the Cheshire Day Nursery in the ward she represents, Latchford East. She has also volunteered with St John Ambulance for a number of years.

Karen will be the second Mundry to be Mayor, after her husband Hans fulfilled the role in 2005/06. Her son Jason Mundry will be her consort supporting Karen in her mayoral year.

The new Mayor has selected two main charities for her term:

Warrington Disability Partnership

A voluntary organisation run predominately by disabled people with the aim of improving the quality of life for disabled people and their families through a range of direct and indirect services.

The Tim Parry and Jonathan Ball Foundation for Peace

A charity that works nationally and internationally for peace and non-violent resolution of conflict.

It delivers unique programmes that focus on young people, from offering general leadership development to working with those who may be vulnerable or at risk of being influenced by extremism.

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