Right now, the world is in an unprecedented situation due to the global Pandemiccaused by the Coronavirus. Daily figures show that more than 156,353 people have died from this COVID-19, while some 2.2+ million infections have been confirmed in at least 177 countries and territories-with numbers still growingdaily.Over 500,000 people have recovered to date, leaving the world at large subject to strict regimes of social distancing and domestic quarantine measures. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measuresand as a response to this daily lockdown monotony, aneclectic group of entrepreneurs from the worlds of industry, music, technology and fashion have formulatedan effective antidote. They want to inviteyou all to a party.However, they know that you can ́t attend-so they ́ll bring the VR-20 Festival directly to you, across the four corners of the globe.This pioneering on-lineevent will ́simulcast ́ a global live music festivaland stream it directly into your home. Live and loud –the best antidote for isolation!

The VR-20 Fest will feature a full line-up ofglobalartists from top musicmanagementand talent agency, Exact IA ́s stellar portfolio. Prepare to welcome chart-topping songstresses such as Robin S, Kym Mazelle and Katherine Ellis into your home and as the momentum builds up, you can expect more than a few lounge lapswith an array of international DJ ́srunning beside you.The main event will run from noon until midnight(GMT)with viewers accessing all areas of the festival exclusivelyon Saturday 2ndMay 2020. Thislive-streamingfestival will enableartists and viewersto globally unite on one entertainment platform, whilst raising money forjoint nominated charitable beneficiaries; World Federationof Mental Healthand Global Gathering’sCoronavirus Relief Fund. Together we stand, divided we stay connected –so look out for the logo or #VR-20Feston our official social mediachannels. For more details on how to join us at this landmark festival, visit our official website on contact our pressagency directly for more details.

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