Don’t have a rubbish Christmas

Warrington Borough Council is reminding people of what they can and can’t recycle once Christmas has ‘bin’ and gone.

While you’re enjoying the Christmas break, remember that there may be changes to your usual bin collection. Your bin collection will be one day before or after your usual bin day. Check out the graphic from the council to confirm when you need to put your bins out:

The council is also urging residents not to throw their rubbish in the domestic waste bin automatically – lots of Christmas clutter can actually be recycled:

  • Christmas cards, cardboard packaging and foil can go in your normal recycling bin as well as aluminium cans and glass bottles.
  • Christmas trees can be recycled via St Rocco’s for a small donation. You can also take trees, wreaths and plants to community recycling centres.
  • Some wrapping paper can’t be recycled due to the mix of materials and sticky tape can cause trouble for recycling plants. Make sure you remove any tape and do the scrunch test – if the paper doesn’t spring back, it can be recycled.
  • Don’t put batteries in your normal bin collections as they may cause a fire. You can dispose of batteries at your local recycling bank, LiveWire library or at Contact Warrington. Lots of supermarkets also have battery recycling bins.
  • Christmas tree lights can be accepted at some of our community recycling centres that accept small electricals.

Baubles and tinsel can’t be recycled. Re-use them for as long as you can, but if their time has come, put them in your normal household waste.


Find a recycling centre near you and what you can and can’t recycle at each on the council website;

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