Council installs over 3,000 solar panels to reduce carbon emissions

Warrington Borough Council is delivering an innovative new renewable energy project to reduce carcon emissions.

The Council has installed over 3,000 solar panels – covering an area almost as large as a Premier League Football pitch – at the Plastic Omnium building in west Warrington.

It forms part of the Council’s investment in renewable energy schemes which generate a financial return for the authority and follows the enormous success of the installation of solar PV panels on social housing in Warrington.

The council selected the Plastic Omnium building at the Omega development, and have worked closely will the building owners and occupants to deliver the project.

Warrington Borough Council will own, operate and maintain the panels, effectively renting the roof space of the building. The panels will provide Plastic Omnium with discounted electricity, with all profits made by the council through the deal ploughed back into delivering vital council services.

It’s estimated that the panels – which have been installed by EvoEnergy – will generate 735,000kWh of electricity each year, which is about equal to the electricity used by 200 average households per year.

Cllr Russ Bowden said, “We are leading the way as one of the first Local Authorities in the country to invest in this type of low-risk, long-term energy and income generation strategy.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to reduce the Council’s carbon emissions and to work in partnership with Plastic Omnium.

“The scheme will generate a revenue income to the Council over 20 years, which will be used to support essential Council services. We are actively looking at other possible installations and assessing their feasibility for future projects.”

The use of the solar panels at the site will save around 208 tonnes of carbon per year. By delivering schemes of this nature the council will reduce carbon emissions, improve long-term energy security and support the local economy.

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